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basically, this site is a collection of experiences at various social events (mostly music-related). if your interested in going to an event listed here, feel free to read about my first-hand experience so you can know what you're in for. thanks for browsing ☻

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hi! my name is ify and i am a music head. i enjoy creating and listening to music, as well as going to concerts, music festivals and other events. i also love writing and taking pictures. click the link at the top of the page to check out my music website! if you'd like to contact me, leave me a comment here on the page or my neocities profile, hit me up on instagram @bunnygoestoshows or my photography tumblr page chasing sunsets.

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Hangout - May, 2023

When White DJs use the N-Word in their Sets (Mura Masa - April, 2023)

Dreamville - April, 2023

When We Were Young - October, 2022

TroyBoi - October, 2022

Bar Hopping in Dallas - October, 2020

Louis The Child - December 2017 and Decemeber 2018

Warped Tour - Summer 2007-2012 and Summer 2016

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